I enjoy writing and performing music. In a past life, I was a high-school band teacher, and I currently regularly play guitar in my church’s band. Here you can find some of the music I’ve written over the years.

the decreasing

At this point, this is my main musical creative project, along with my brother-in-law Micah. We’ve recorded several songs together over the last few years and have released one full album. You can find links to all of the streaming platforms on our website.

film music

There is no film associated with this music of course, but I enjoy composing and producing this kind of atmospheric orchestral music.

electronic music

This stuff is a little more exciting…. ‘Viking Junior’ is a silly pseudonym I picked out a few years ago.

2 thoughts on “music

  1. Ashkan

    Those are some serious skills right there 🙂

  2. Ryan

    Wow dude life is just going good for you. I feel like I’m cursed. You’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do for years man. I’ve been playing guitar 20 years and went to school for software programming and I don’t have a job doing either

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