For better or worse, I am a completely self-taught programmer. For years I worked as a high school band teacher in a small school district in Missouri, but in April of 2016 I decided to learn to code…. I’ve written about that journey a bit here. (I really should move that article to my own blog shouldn’t I)

I live in rural Missouri with my wife, four children and a dog.

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  1. Ryan

    Hey Cody how did you get hired so fast? I’ve been trying for 3 years and nothing. I habe a degree and 3 Certifications and I feel like giving up.

    1. Cody Loyd

      Well…. a lot of it was luck.

      More directly though: I put together a strong portfolio and sent out a ton of applications. I went to meetups and met people. Eventually it all clicked.

  2. Gabe

    I can believe I’m browsing the website of the Cody Loyd. What an admirable individual.

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